5 customs formalities based on various pieces of legislation:

  • International agreements and conventions
  • Community Customs Code – Regulations of the European Parliament and Council of Europe
  • Implementing provisions of the Community Customs Code – Regulations and implementing regulations of the Commission of the European Communities
  • National laws – Customs Act
  • Regulations of the national government and ministers

4U Logistics is up to date with each new amendment made to legislation or change in the organisation of work made in the customs system.

Customs related consultations are an important part of a contemporary logistics chain. Customs is a complicated and constantly changing system, which is why the right advice provided at the right time is important. There are a number of legal opportunities in legislation, which can be used to help make ones enterprise more efficient. 

4U Logistics consults clients in all customs related processes: 

  • taxation related advice – how to avoid the payment of excessive import customs duties via an authorisation for the end-use of goods;
  • the tariff classification of goods (designation of commodity code), which also includes consultations involving European Binding Tariff Information (EBTI);
  • including the preparation of the required package of documents necessary in order to apply for customs treatments (customs warehouses, customs terminals);
  • when communicating with the customs authorities;
  • we help to find suitable transportation partners from among our cooperation partners;
  • etc.