1375 export customs clearances are prepared by our customs agents in a month

Export is applied:

  • in the final removal of Community goods from the Customs Territory of the Community;
  • in the temporary exporting of Community goods with the intention of reimporting the goods within 3 years;
  • in the dispatching of goods to exceptional areas within the Customs Territory of the European Community (the Åland Islands, the Canary Islands, the Channel Islands, French overseas territories (Guadeloupe, Guiana, Martinique, and Reunion), and Mount Athos, Greece).

Within the framework of the export customs clearance service, we provide assistance in preparing an invoice concerning the sale of goods, we complete and submit a customs declaration of export to customs authorities; if necessary, we prepare documents certifying the origin of the goods (for example, EUR 1, A.TR, etc.), we complete accompanying documents for cargo (for example, CMR, SMGS), we complete and open a TIR notebook at the customs authority, etc.

We provide the following export customs procedures:

  • Export – the exporting of standard (not CAP goods) Community goods to a third country, but also the dispatching of Community goods to such territories within the Community to which the provisions of Council of Europe Directive 77/388/EEC do not apply, i.e. the exporting of goods to those territories of the Community which are located within its customs territory, but which do not constitute a part of its value added tax territory.
  • Temporary exporting of goods – the temporary exporting of goods with the intention of reimporting the goods in an unaltered state.
  • The re-exporting of goods – the re-exporting of non-community goods undergoing a suspensive procedure.


Important information:

Assigning the Estonian Master Tariff System's product code and export restrictions.