An average of 1210 import customs declarations are prepared by our customs agents in a month

Import customs clearance includes the preliminary declaration of goods on the customs frontier (SD / T1), the completion and submission of a customs declaration to customs authorities, representation of the interests of customers during the inspection of goods, and delivery of the accompanying documents and customs declarations for goods to the customer. At the same time, we also offer contractual clients, in the form of a paid service, the opportunity to extend the payment term for import duties. Detailed terms and conditions governing the tax service can be found here.

We perform the following customs procedures:

  • Release of goods into free circulation – simultaneous permitting of goods into free circulation and use
  • Release of goods into free circulation with exemption from VAT (procedure 42) – the release of goods into free circulation and use free of VAT, in connection with conveyance to another Member State, which is covered by Directive 2006/112.
  • Temporary import – the customs procedure for temporary importation permits the temporary use of goods from third countries on the territory of the Community, with either a full or partial duty exemption, whereas during the course of the procedure the goods may not undergo any changes (with the exception of standard depreciation resulting from use).
  • Inward processing - placement of goods directly imported from a third country for inward processing (payment of import duties is suspended).

Important information:

When importing goods from third countries, the designated customs duty must be paid, which is based on the European Union’s Common Customs Tariff (Estonian Master Tariff System - EMTS).